Monday, February 25, 2013

Make it Monday - Upcycled Worship Journal Part One

Hey friends!  Mondays sure do seem to creep up on me, how about you?  If you're popping in for the first time, Mondays are my show-and-tell day...every week I'm making something new and sharing with you :)  It might be a gift for someone; something the kids and I did together; or like today, something I made just for little ole me.
Saturday,  I got to thinking about the notes I take in church on the pre-printed sheets that are handed I'd like to keep them together so I can review them.   I remember seeing another member put hers into a little "worship" notebook and that got my creative juices flowing.  I've been wanting to alter some corrugated cardboard for awhile, so I dug around in the stash and cut some for the covers. 
For some reason, I wanted to really layer up the cover with all my favorite scrappy stuff, like the Kraft envelope, bull clip, jumbo blossoms, twine-tied button and even a paper mason jar inside yet another envelope.  It sure makes me smile, how about YOU?

I was giddy when I found this little definition for Sunday and Sunday school in my Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Collection :)  The shades of tangerine orange, lime green, pale pink and lemonade yellow make me think of warmth, summer, ice cream and happy times. 

The notes pages come pre-punched, making binder rings a good choice to secure the pages.  I was so excited to take my worship journal with me on Sunday, I took it before the cover was even finished :)  This is a little peak at the inside...still working on it, stay tuned for part two!

Do you keep a personal or spiritual journal?  I would love to hear about it...


  1. This is fabulous, Kimberly. Imagine the blessing someone will get when you are able to pass on this journal filled with your thoughts during worship. Your talent truly is a blessing! I have a small spiral altered note pad that a friend and fellow crafter gave me. It's on my bedside table and I write down one good thing every night before I lay down. This was my husband's challenge to "us" in 2013. As always...thanks for sharing your gifts with us! (sorry for the "journal" post I'm leaving) XO your crafty friend..

    1. Donna, that is the truth woman! I never looked at it that way; and that it makes it all the more special, thanks for the perspective. What an awesome challenge your husband laid out for you, every morning the kids each say something they are thankful for...never to early to get them started, right?

  2. how Awesome is that!! such a treasure for your soul!! your a blessing to me my Crafty friend!!

    1. Right back atcha! Girl, I love that little journal; can't stop picking it up and looking inside :)


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