Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday's Space - Refreshing My Studio!

If you followed me on my old FB page, CinnamonSpice Papercrafts, you know I recently moved into new digs and a much smaller work area.  My faithful fans helped me pick the color for the walls last year, and this year, I'm overhauling the layout; starting with my desk. 
I have a thing for big furniture pieces.

This is the lovely brown desk I used to have; beautiful piece but just too large!  There is way too much space for me to fill up and not put away at the end of the day.


Here's the new desk...desktop panels purchased from Michael's and attached to storage cubes I already had.  You get two panels but I wasn't sure there would be room for both...
But, my awesome hubby worked it out so both panels fit!  My kids are excited because they can sit and play on the computer while I'm working.  They don't know it yet, but now that I have a new lap top, I've got plans for that desktop and it doesn't include my craft room LOL.
These storage cubes are fabulous; this one is divided and makes a great place for keeping my cards, envelopes and notepads ready to be altered. 

The space in my new home is about 1/3 smaller than my old craft room but I am not complaining.  It gives me the chance to
purge all the crap I should have thrown away long ago and to get organized. 

I'm finally figuring out what type of storage works for me...I'm not one of those people who intuitively know, I kind of have to muddle along until I discover what's NOT working ;).
Next time on Saturday's Spaces, I will focusing on how I'm maximizing my wall space.  Thanks for popping over.




  1. I love a crisp clean work space... unfortunately I just don't keep mine that way! Looking forward to seeing what's new next Saturday! I ADORE your wall colors... have I mentioned that?

    1. LOL Donna! My workspace definitely does not look like that all the time; but I am trying really really hard this year to put things back where they belong, wish me luck :)


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