Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Owl Gift Card Holders for Teacher

Who's Wiser?
Gift cards are fast becoming a popular gift for teachers...and I don't believe in buying something if I can make it cuter myself!  For the first two gift cards below, I used a template from the Cutting CafĂ© here...they have the most adorable printables and cutting files.  She's got even more updated styles, so be sure to stop by!  These were so fun to make, from embossing the cardstock to prettying them up with a little tulle.
I made the ones below a little larger, the size of an A2 card, with the holder inside.  I personalized them and added the sweet little "Thank you for making me wiser" tag.  I didn't use a template for these, just cut the pocket by hand and winged it :)
What's your favorite handmade gift for teacher?
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Upcycled Pencil Jar for Teacher

How is it already time for end of year teacher gifts?   I don't know about you, but my kids have some of the most caring, considerate teachers and I try to give them something handmade along with a gift card each year to show our thanks.  Over the next week or so, I'll share some favorites I've created.

These pencil jars make a wonderful keepsake gift that is pretty, usable AND eco-friendly! 

Any glass bottle with a pretty shape will work.  First,  I wash and sanitize the bottle with a little bleach and water and let it dry.  Then it's time to start altering! 

For the coordinating pencils, I used to cover them with paper but found washi/paper tape adheres better and makes sharpening the pencils easier. 

Materials used:
Glass coffee bottle
#2 pencils
Thin chipboard
Chalkboard paint
Coordinating scrapbook paper
Stampin' Up Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
Tombo Mono Multi Liquid Glue
Michaels paper tape
Assorted embellishments

I love how the Chalkboard tags turned out, which is your favorite?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Spaces - Scrap Your World

Hi Polka Dot fans!! This is Paula from Scrap Your World I’m so glad you came by today. My special friend Kimberly asked me to come by and show you my Scrap Cove. I hope I don’t scare you with my Hoarding problem…

4 years ago I was taking over my husbands office in the house. He was so kind to give me a little space off to the side, but as you know, us women that create can never have enough space. So my little space became a big problem for him. He wanted me to clean up after my night of crafting. I did not want to do that every time, because I was never “finished” with what I was working on. I hated to put all my stuff away, just to have to drag it back out when I got a chance to craft again. So for my birthday he surprised me with a card saying that he was going to build me a Scrap cove. ALL MINE, to have all the room I wanted to create. That was the best day ever!!! So he started working on it right away that summer and within no time, I was ready to move in.
This is the picture of my Scrap cove ( my little piece of Heaven) that he built me.

I loved it so much, he bought me a desk and cabinet set to put in there, and I immediately  started putting stuff in.
                                             My mother in law made me curtains to go inside.

                                                  I love my little window to look outside.

But wait.... as time went on. Remember it has been four years. I have acumalated more and more, because I had so much space to put things. So I started my obsession with scrapbooking and as my husband says when he walks in, This looks like you have bought out a scrapbook store that went bankrupt... eeeksss.
So here is the view when you walk in now.
Yes I have bought too much!! I admit it, but I have so much fun creating in this space. Its' my space, and I love to go out here and have my ME time ALONE and just be FREE.
It might look like a chaotic mess, but I know were everything is. He installed me racks on top to hold my baskets and boxes. Every box and basket is catagorized with specific items I need. I have them seperated by holiday or theme. I know what box to pull when I'm working on something.
I got this at Hobby Lobby one year as a present for Mothers day. It holds ribbon, brads, and other embellishments inside the drawers.
I bought this when Kimberly posted it on Facebook that there was a major sale on a website. So I had to purchase it. I love it even though it does not hold all the ribbon I own.
Here is some more ribbon that I color cordinate in cute jars on top of the cabinet. Easy to get to.
This is my special orginzational tip to give you today. It is a shoe holder, but I put my stamps inside. The clear pockets lets me see what I need to get quickly!
This was another gift years ago that my hubby bought me. I have it labeled as to what drawer holds what.

I love the cabinets that are in the desk set. They hold so much, and out of site.
I bought this Card stand and peg board from Mrs. Donna K from  Created by DonnaK last year.
She was selling some items that she didn't want anymore. So her sweet husband was going to a bike race that weekend, and he brought it to me. I love the card stand. It keeps my cards organized and ready to pluck when I need to send one off in the mail. The peg board houses some of my embellishments that are still in packages, and I put my florals on top so its easy to see them when I need to use them on my projects. The little desk I picked up at a yard sale for $1. I have all my lose glitters and mist in the drawers.

                                      This little kitchen basket holds my stickles and paints.

I even have a little chair that sits in the corner for my hubby to sit in when he comes out to hang with me. He has his guitar amp out here and plays and sings to me. Gives me some MOJO to keep crafting sometimes.

Well I believe that is all to show you in my little Scrap Cove. I will leave you with a view from my french doors. All the little birdies like to sit in that tree and talk to me!! I hope I did not scare you to much with my mess, but its a beautiful mess to me!!!! Have a great weekend. And Thank you again Kimberly for letting me come on over to your blog!!! BIG HUGS to you.

I loved Paula's Scrap Cove the first time I saw it and knew I had to share with all of you!  And her hubby built it, how sweet is that ?!?  Thanks for all the great tips you shared with us, like the shoe holder for smart!  I am hoping I will make it down to scrap with my girl in this amazing space!  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Make it Monday - Best Gift Ever

I hope you lovelies enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!  My family made a weekend of it with a delicious tapas dinner on Saturday night, breakfast in bed on Sunday and a chance to spend the day relaxing and scrapping!  But, this post is not about what I made, but what my thoughtful 10-yr old created for one of my gifts.   Brought me to tears actually, then I laughed when I realized I took her to the store to buy the composition notebook for it. 
What I love most is the cover with her original art work layered over some fun scrapbook paper...she is one talented little chica!

She has a keen eye for details, I am digging this girl's intricate updo!
Here are some of the inside pages...she thinks I am quirky LOL!
She even created a little pocket; she knows I like having a place to tuck things into :).


I don't know how I got so lucky to have a thoughtful child like her! 
I'm still thinking about what I will use this journal for...maybe I'll write letters to the kids about me and my life for them to read later?  How would you use it?
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Make it Monday - Fit for a Princess!

Happy Monday!  One of my favorite little girls turned one this past week and I had the pleasure of creating the party hats for her "princess" themed celebration.  I made about 30 hats for the boys and girls and it was super easy with this party hat template from Jones Company Designs here

 I just picked out several sheets of coordinating scrap paper (great way to use up the stash) and cut it down to 8 1/2 x 11.  I then printed the template directly onto the paper, cut, and rolled the paper into a cone.  I stapled it together but you can also use double sided tape or hot glue.  For a little added cuteness, I hot glued a pom pom to the top :)   I attached about 15 inches of elastic jewelry cord (from the craft store) or you can use cord from the fabric store by stapling to the inside of the hat.  You can also use hot glue for this. 
Here's the little princess having her cake...can you believe she rocked that hat for most of her party?  For the birthday girl's hat, I added a little basket shred to the bottom and a Mind's Eye title to the front.
Do you love handmade parties?  What is your specialty? Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Spaces -- From the Kitchen to the Craft Room

Hey Polka Dotted peeps!  If you're visiting my blog for the 1st time, twice a month on Saturdays I take you behind the scenes of where we work our magic!  I usually share some aspect of my space on the 1st Saturday and feature another crafter later in the month.  I love getting inspiration for color, storage and organization from other artisans and I thought you might too!

Today, I want to show you how a piece of furniture you have in another room might work in your craft space too.  I had this narrow baker's rack in my kitchen before we moved.  It just wasn't working in the new space.  I needed a place to hold my Cricut and cartridges, so I dragged the rack in my studio.  There was just enough space for it between my vintage buffet and the wall.
Before my cartridges were separate from my's much easier to have them close together. 
  I've never had a dedicated spot for my Cricut so I could store and cut in the same place, now I can!  Those cute little "suitcases" you see hold my embellishment stash.  I bought the boxes for my very first craft fair display a few years back :) 
On the top shelf, for now, I display my party hats.  Seeing my pretties on display makes me smile :)
Do you have any fun furniture finds in your space?  Do tell!
Thank for stopping by!