Friday, February 22, 2013

On a Stamping Spree!

Today, I wanna share a little secret with you, well maybe two.  First, I am a recovering perfectionist!  Yep, in the past I have been so worried about something being just right, it actually kept me from starting new craft projects. 
I decided a couple of years ago that outlook was holding me back, and that there is no room for that kind of "fear" in my life!  
The second is that I USED to be a little intimidated by stampers, and I know some really good ones :)  Their work always looked so picture-perfect, and whenever I stamped, well it was less than fabulous to me.  Again, that stupid perfectionist thing getting in the way. 

Well, not anymore.  I started making cards a couple of years ago, to sell at Divine Designs in North Carolina.  Now, you know I love a good sticker, but I realized some time ago that stamping can be easier on the pocket book.  AND, if you love a card you made, with a stamp, you can easily recreate it without having to buy more stickers.  I recently shipped a batch of cards to NC and yes, I stamped some of the sentiments and actually enjoyed it! 
 I'm just started out, so I bought some really inexpensive stamps from Michaels.  What types of stamps do you use?  If there's a technique you recently tried, do tell!


  1. you should never have a fear creating girl!! you are wonderful at what you do!! I have never seen a piece that you did that I did not fall in love with!!! Squash that fear and keep smiling my beautiful friend!!
    paula driver

    1. Ms. Paula, you make my heart sing :)


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