Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Leather Working ~ Last Post on this Blog...

because I have a new website!  I'm pleased to say you will find my new musings over at www.polkadottedbliss.com beginning later this week!  It's taking me a bit, but I've been getting the new website up and running; putting together a crafting class for kids   and oh yeah, teaching my own babies!  The more I spend time with our homeschool co-op, the more I love this homeschool experience.  Where's the crafty tie in?  There are so many ways to incorporate  paper crafting, really any type of arts and crafts into our lives at home.  

Most recently, the kids and I participated in 4H Family Camp in Appamattox, VA.  Talk about an amazing time, spent relaxing, fellowshipping, playing and making!  While the kids were leaning how to fish and have fun with food, I discovered leather working.  

Oh my stars...the possibilities are endless!  Once I entered the little workshop, and started pounding the practice leather, I was hooked.  Had to force myself to leave for meals (well, really the instructor did).  

This camp was about being in the moment with my kids, so I don't have a lot of pictures, but here are a couple of the bracelets I made from leftover scraps:

This was my first piece, all from scraps!  I stamped, stained and painted the bracelet.  I've never enjoyed painting that much, but this, I loved.  After scavenging the fashion leather pile, I found these pretty colored scraps and hand-cut some flowers and centers, and attached them with  rivets.  Great little bohemian chic accessory!

 The workshop was a little treasure trove for an upcylcer like me!  There were 2 huge boxes of used scraps to choose from, like this piece.  If you look closely in the lower right, you'll see just a smidge from the original stamped lettering.  I made this bracelet on day 3 by stenciling the flower, staining and painting it.

Oh, and the BEST part about the workshop?  I made special things for and with my kids...doesn't get much better for this maker mama!

What new art or craft have you tried recently?

Thanks for dropping by!

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