Monday, February 4, 2013

Make It Mondays - Marshmallow Snowman

Happy Monday!
This week's Make It Monday is a fun little craft I did with the kids when they were home sick a couple of weeks ago.  And it involves food, not paper :)  We made marshmallow snow men and snow girls (that's what my daughter named hers).
 I literally raided our pantry for the ingredients and found:
Marshmallows (mini & large)
White chocolate morsels
Milk chocolate morsels
  • To make the body, we melted the white chocolate and used it as "glue", spreading it on a flat side of a large marshmallow and topping it with another.
  • For the arms, we put about 3 or 4 mini marshmallows on toothpicks and stuck them into the "body"..
  • We spread more melted chocolate onto the "head" and covered it with sprinkles; and did the same for the "eyes" with the raisins  and used sprinkles for the nose or mouth.
  • The snowman's buttons were made by creating a little hole with the toothpick, filling it with a little melted chocolate and sticking the pointy end of the milk chocolate morsel in the hole. 
Beware, your kids (and you) might get distracted eating way too many marshmallows instead of finishing their snowman, so the mini ones really come in handy!
If you missed my Guest Post over on Created By Donna K's Blog last week, check it out for a super cute cardstock mini tutorial.

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