Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Spaces ~ Created by DonnaK

Hi Polka Dot Fans!  You are in for a treat on today's Saturday Spaces.  We get to take a peek behind the scenes of where the uber-talented card-making diva, Donna K, makes her magic happen. 
Hello friends!  Donna K here and I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by today and allowing me to share my studio space with you.  I'd like to give a great big THANK YOU to my sweet and talented friend Kimberly for inviting me to bring you into the teeny corner of my creative world.  

My studio doubles as our guest room.  As we set up our home I didn't really have a budget for my space. We just kind of went with it and tried to make the most of the furniture and storage items I had on hand.  I occupy this room the majority of the time, but this spring it has been BUSY! We've had lots of guests.  This is a good thing because it forces me to get organized and actually put things away!

I enjoy being in this room because it's in the front of the house.  There are lots of windows and it allows me to daydream  .... errr ahhh .... create with the view of the birdies and squirrels.   I have a table that was once our kitchen table.  We didn't have space for it in the actual kitchen so YAY me... it became all mine!  It's sturdy and big and I love it.   On the wall beside that table is the wall shelf that matches the table.  Yes, it's another kitchen/dining room piece, but it works perfectly for holding my baskets of stickers, tags and my stamps. Yes... I hoard  collect stamps. No favorite brand... I love them all.  

In the closet you will find 12X12 papers, embellishments, and all sorts of tools. It is slam packed full and no matter how hard I try to keep it organized, things tend to end up spread out on the floor.  
As many times as I say I'm going to put everything away when I start a new project, I get on a roll and before I know it BOOM... it looks like a windstorm struck.  

This white cabinet is one of my favorite pieces. It has 6 large drawers for tons of storage. I keep my wooden stamps in here and all of my metal embellishments as well. It's an IKEA piece and was fairly inexpensive. The top is great for holding my Big Shot and my paperwork.

Another piece of kitchen gear is the "microwave" cart.  It's perfect for my Cricut that doesn't get used nearly enough.  I'm thinking of switching it out for something that gets used more often.

As you can see I have to make the best of my "space"  I use the dresser for storing my mailing supplies, alterables and other tin items.  If we have extended visitors I can just put all of that stuff neatly in a bin so the dresser is available to guests. 

Check out this disaster zone after a day of working on orders!!

Below you can see the "before" photos as I was preparing to set up my new space. 
Right now I'm not planning on anything new in my studio space.  I'd LOVE hard wood floors and to have the entire room to myself eventually.  I feel so fortunate that I have a pretty place to work and spend my time.  
Thank you for letting me bring you into my world for a bit.  
Please leave a comment about your creative work space.  

Have a happy day today!

~Donna K
I love how Donna carved out the perfect spot in her guest room for her studio...I know I picked up some neat ideas from her, how about you? To check out Donna K's lovelies, head over to her sweet little blog here.


  1. Great space Donna, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Norma! I appreciate you taking time to stop by today. :-)

  2. Nice space! Now I know where I'll be sleeping when I come for a visit! LOL

    1. Oh Sheila! If / WHEN you come visit I'm hoping to get some of your home decor mojo... I'd love a house just like Paris Grey Cottage! Thank you for peeking in on my guest post! ~Donna K

  3. Such a nice space! I love that cabinet from IKEA!

  4. Great Space! I don't have a space either. It's my dining/family area and it is always an atrocious mess!

  5. girl, Ok, now I feel like a hoarder.. you are so well organized. I love your space, and that closet set up is to die for!!!!


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