Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Upcycled Christmas Card Ornament

It did occur to me not everyone still has their Christmas decor up like me :)  Most people know couldn't wait to take everything down.  So, why am I sharing Christmas-related anything?  Well, many people pick up gifts here and there throughout the year, so I thought why not share some ideas for those who like to make a few gifts here and there as well?  `

Today's project is an ornament you can make for gifting...wouldn't you love to have some presents ready before when Christmas rolls around?

For this project, I used some cute frames I picked up from the dollar bin at Michaels.  I cropped a family picture out of an old card and added it to the frame.  I hot glued some ribbon on the back for hanging and added a sentiment sticker.  Guess what this family is getting for Christmas later this year?

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  1. GREAT idea…I'm really TRYING to be ahead of the game next year. I've already gotten some of my ornament supplies ready for gift giving. Thanks for keeping me motivated sweet friend!


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