Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Little Glitz and Glam for a 5th Birthday

My baby girl turned five the other day!  Even though she is having a Build-a-Bear party, I decided to surprise her the morning of her birthday with some surprise decorations in the dining room.  I wish I had recorded her reaction when she walked in and saw them.  She actually had the nerve to say she thought her daddy put them up for her...really?  

 Here is the adorable little card I made by paper piecing a digi stamp.

My daughter loves all things shimmery, so her pinterest-inspired banner just had to have some glitter.  I made the center pennant from my burlap stash and ribbons I had on hand.

I made this reuseable "cake" by covering a couple of stackable round containers with wrapping paper, adding tulle and ribbon to it and filling the top with basket shred for the "frosting".  I can swap out the pictures easily with the attached bull clips :)  This is my little mama at 2 weeks old.

Do you enjoy decorating for parties?

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  1. I love decorating for parties. Love your creativity!

    1. Thank you Papercrafting Princess, it's fun for me because my kids really enjoy it!


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