Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Spaces - Tiffany Brooks Design

Hey Polka Dot all said you'd be interested in taking a peek at the work spaces of some of my crafty peeps, so here is the first guest blogger for Saturday Spaces.  Jeanna is a dear friend of several years that I met at, yes, you guessed it...a craft fair!  She's a seamstress extraordinaire but also likes to make cards and scrapbook.  She agreed to share her pretty space, so let's have a look at where the magic behind Tiffany Brooks Designs happens!
My Studio
Having a special area in your home for sewing and crafting is always a plus for any crafter. Especially if you are a "SAHM" (stay at home mom) and work from home like myself. My special area is the bonus room above our double garage complete with its own heat and air. (Yes that is the contraption on the wall above dresser a few pictures down) As you can see I have two six foot tables for my work space. This is not the first special space I have had for my work but it is the best and a dream come true. In the beginning I was cutting things out on the floor and setting the sewing machine up on the kitchen table as needed.

The left side of the room I have my main sewing machines set up at all times. Since I use my serger more often than my regular machines I have my thread rack in close reach of my machine. I do have another large rack for small spools so I keep that on the floor beside the table.
The white cart beside my sewing table is great for storing extra scissors and needles. I keep my clothing labels handy in the top draw so when I am finished with a garment I can add my label. I also keep all my buttons in one of the draws. I sorted all the buttons out according to the size and placed them in label zip-lock bags. I do love the look of displaying buttons in a jar but I really need them assorted by size. Makes it easier when making and item if I can see and know what I have without digging.

To the right of this table I have a large plastic shelf to store some of my most used fabrics. Be sure to check out my fabric organization post here and see the before and after pictures. I hope to eventually find just the right shelf for this area but until then this shelf works out great.

Since I use a lot of tulle and ribbon in many of my creations I needed to find a way to store them and easily access them. Thankfully a friend of mine had these awesome shelves she was selling. These racks are perfect for the small space available against the wall. Still leaves just enough room to walk in and out of the studio.

The right side of my space is my crafting area. I love to make cards for friends and family when I have the time as well as scrapbooking. On the table I keep my laptop handy for downloads or embroidering. I also keep my Cricut out along with my photo printer.

The shelves above my craft table have some supplies as well as my little Yorkie statues. I use a lot of daisy's on my children's clothes so I figured I would set them out for color and decoration instead of tossing them in a box. Many years ago I attempted some homemade candles and since I still have some of the glassware left over I use those as vases as well as a place to keep my glue sticks handy.

The six cube shelf beside the table is great for storing all of my cards and other paper supplies. I also have my hair accessory supplies organized in small bins on this shelf. Having the cubes and bins makes organizing multiple types of things much easier.
I also have my scrapbooking cart sitting in my office. I love this cart. I was able to fill it with all of my paper and a lot of things I have saved for my daughters scrapbook.
At the end of the room is my grandmother's sewing machine still in its case. The large sewing box underneath is also hers. I really enjoy seeing her things mixed in with mine everyday.
An extra bonus to my bonus room is the additional 8' x 9' office space off the side of the bonus room over looking my driveway. I love monkeys so I added a few monkey statues to my office along with the monkey roman blinds I made last year.

To the left of my desk I have another six cube organizer. I tried to organize this one with school supplies and the office items I use the most. Usually after school starts I find a lot of school supplies marked down for quick sale. So I buy them and store them here instead of a box that we would have to dig for or through. I also have a bin full of pens, pencils, and other small supplies.

I absolutely love this area! I really love the fact that I have a small dinette set right there in my office.
1. What was your budget for your sewing room?
There never has been a so called budget for my studio. If I am out and see something that will work well in my studio or something I just have to have I check to see how much money I have at the time.
2.What is your favorite thing about your room?
My favorite thing about my room is the amount of space I have to work as well as decorate. I love being surrounded by my favorite things while I work. I love monkeys, Yorkies, and antiques. The antiques I display in my studio all belonged to my grandmother so that makes them even more special.
3. Will you be making any more changes to your space?
No, I absolutely love the way my studio is at this time.

 Isn't Jeanna's space amazing?  I would love to have enough room for different stations, crafting, sewing, scrapping and space for friends to join me, wouldn't you?  Thanks Jeanna, for letting us have a little peak into your functional and pretty work space.
Be sure and stop by 2 weeks from today to see what's happening in my neck of the woods :)




  1. Love your space!! I need to get another ribbon holder for my space. I have so much it is in baskets. Thanks for sharing with us today!! Now I need to go get my straighten up so that I'm ready for when Kim calls on me!! ekks!!

  2. Ohhh... Jeanna, your space is heavenly!! I love how much actual SPACE you have and how you've mixed in your special touches like your grandmother's sewing machine and cabinet...I have my grandmother's sewing cabinet too! Thanks for sharing your work space with us today and thank you Kimberly for encouraging this series about creative spaces. How fun!


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