Monday, March 25, 2013

Make it Monday - Yarn Wrapped Wreath

With March being National Craft Month, I 'm trying some new stuff, non-paper this wreath.  I love the bright colors, even though it doesn't match my door one bit. 
The hubby will soon be painting it a nice chocolate brown because right now it doesn't compliment any of my holiday décor, and we just can't have that!
I didn't want to buy any new materials for this project.  I found an unused Styrofoam circle and cut a smaller circle out of the middle giving me my wreath form.  I had this pretty yarn for some reason (can't remember why I bought it) and had been wanting to try one of those yarn-wrapped wreaths, so I gave it a go!  Here's how it turned out...
Aren't those rolled felt flowers pretty?  If you make some, use a lighter color felt so it doesn't pick up stray fibers or lint, like mine did :) 

  I knew you'd want to make your own, so I added this little picture tutorial, they are so easy to make!  Just cut a circle, doesn't even have to be perfect.  Then cut a wavy spiral, leaving a small circle at the end.  Start from the non-circle end and begin rolling your felt...the felt naturally sticky so it should hold together well.  Then, hot glue or use felt glue to secure the flower to the circle on the end.

I think next time, I will try a round wreath form.  How are you using up your crafty stash or trying something new this month?  Please share, I'd love to hear what you're up to!


  1. What a fun way to dress up your door for any holiday! Thanks for the quick tut on the felt flowers too, Kimberly!! I will be checking back with you on the chocolate door... our door redo wasn't much fun! Big hugs my creative friend!

    1. Hi Donna! Thanks for popping in; I always look forward to your feedback...I'll be checking with you on the whole door makeover :)


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