Monday, April 1, 2013

Make it Monday - Sock Bunny for Easter

Happy April 1st!  I thought of playing a prank today...posting that Polka Dotted Bliss is closing, but I'm just not that good at pulling off practical jokes, so I'm sticking with Make it Monday
Today, I'm sharing this adorable little sock bunny I originally saw on the super cute Pumpkin and a Princess blog here.  We're not big on stuffing a lot of candy in the Easter buckets (yes, buckets, that's how we roll) and I thought this would be something adorable the kids could hang onto!

Aside from hot pink color of the girls' bunnies, the most adorable part?  That fluffly little pom pom tail.  I followed the tutorial for them here blog ...easy peasy!  You might recognize that turquoise yarn from last week's wreath post here...I'm trying to stick to my "no new craft supplies" goal, so you just might see it again in a future project!
The kids were so excited that morning when they saw their goodies, especially the bunnies peeking out from their buckets!
3 little bunnies for my three favorite little peeps! 

I hope your Easter was filled with joy and the many blessings of family and love!


  1. how adorable Kim!!! I know they will love these bunnies for a life time!!! and I'm glad you didn't play a prank on us. I would have been all over you for giving me a heart attack!! :)

  2. Tee Hee Paula, I don't want to give you heart problems LOL! Glad you liked my bunnies, the kids really enjoyed them ;)


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