Thursday, August 29, 2013

Easy Peasy Cardstock Scrapbook

I'm too excited the lovely Ms. DonnaK asked me to share with you on her blog Created by DonnaK today.  Just the other day, one of my scrappy friends on FB asked "What do you do with your cardstock scraps?" If you share my love affair with paper, you probably have a ton of leftovers that you are hoarding (I mean saving) or you might be throwing it away...well, have I got the project for you! Pull out those scraps, your sewing machine or needle and, we’re going to stitch a little scrapbook!

Stuff You need

- Cardstock scraps (In any size)
- Paper cutter
- Needle & Thread
- Paper Piercer
- Piercing Mat
- Sewing Machine (Optional)

Stack your cardstock pieces up, careful to match up the folds.  Machine or hand-stitch the spine of your book to hold it all together.  If you're stitching by hand, that's where the paper piercer comes will need to pierce your holes before you sew, because the layers of cardstock can be quite thick!  **And if you're stitching on cardstock for the first time, you will need a larger needle, like an embroidery needle.

Too easy, right?  Now, the fun part...add your scrapbook paper, photos and accents.  Here's one I made for my daughter's Colombian teaching can she forget her stay with us in North Carolina with this little number...too cute, right?  As I mentioned earlier, go ahead and mix up the page sizes, I think it makes the book fun and funky!

With Christmas just a few months away, these also make great gifts...and a fabulous way to use up some of that cardstock stash!
Thanks DonnaK for letting me stop by, you're the best!  


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