Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Spaces - twelve2

Hi Polka Dotted Fans!  You are in for a treat today as we show off the big reveal of my EtsyMom friend, Dana's, craft room makeover.  Dana is the creative genius behind twelve2, a delightful shop with custom clothes & accessories benefiting missions & adoption.  I am so excited to get a peek at how she's added lots of organization to her space.  Here we go :)

Welcome to my craft room!  I share this room with my husband's office, and there's one tiny window in the corner; so it's not ideal, but I'm so thankful that I have my own little space to create.  I love being organized, but my craft space was put on hold while we focused on catching up on sleep after having 2 kids in 2 years. :)  Just this past month, the overhaul was completed with the help of my husband and out-of-town family members (thank you!!). Come on in!

1. I didn't go into this project with a budget, but I'm pretty frugal, so I knew we would either re-purpose items or create something cheaper by doing it ourselves rather than buying something already made. Most of the furniture I already owned, and I recently received the white bookshelf and lamp as a gift. My husband created the shelf with the hanging rod that holds my t-shirts out of wood that we had from another project.  We did purchase wood for the shelves above my tables, cork boards, and a peg board.

Total: $96
4 Shelves: $60
Hanging rod: $7
Peg board: $8
Cork boards: $21

2. My favorite space is my custom hanging rack for all my onesies, tanks, and t-shirts ready for their iHeart applique.  My husband custom designed this to fit in the space and created the entire shelf from scratch. I love that he made it, but also love its practicality. I can see what colors and sizes I have in stock and can easily respond to customers' requests.

Another favorite of mine is the cutting station! It came as a fluke really. I used that fold up table for my sewing machine and serger, but lent it out to a neighbor having a garage sale.  When I got it back I thought I had originally used it at the highest setting so I put the legs in the tallest position and realized it was counter height and too tall for my sewing machines.  But it was perfect for my cutting table! And since then my whole work space changed and improved greatly. I love that I can look up and see all my lovely fabric and be able to select the one I want, cut it, and fold it up nicely and keep everything organized.

3. I'm constantly wanting to make spaces better, more efficient, and more aesthetic. Growing up I moved my bedroom around at least twice a year and I still enjoy changing furniture and decor around. In the near future I plan to get another white bookshelf to hold items that I don't use that much, such as leftover jeans and shirts that I use for upcycling projects. Beyond that I would love a more efficient way to store my thread and bobbins and perhaps a space just for packaging and shipping my items. I don't like to spend too much on organizing though as I'm just too frugal.
Thanks for featuring my craft space!

Isn't it amazing what you can do to maximize your productivity with an organized space?  Dana and her handy husband did a great job with the shelving and she is so right about storing your materials, fabric or paper, where you can actually see them!  I know it helps me use of more of my stash, AND keeps me from buying duplicate supplies. 
To get to know more about Dana and her work, visit her on FB:
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  1. Kimberly - thanks for much for sharing my space!


    1. Dana, it was absolutely my pleasure! Thanks for sharing your well-thought out space with us :)

  2. That's a great space Dana! Your hubby did a great job.


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