Tuesday, July 23, 2013

50 Years is Golden... a Surprise Party to Remember!

A week ago, my brother and I threw a golden anniversary party for my parents and 45 of their closest family and friends.  If you didn't already know, I love my folks to pieces.  So when I found out my mom really wanted to host her own celebration, but didn't have the energy because of a long illness, I decided to plan one for her AND to make it a surprise, all from 900 miles away :) The party venue, Chandler Hill Vineyards, was absolutely amazing.  A perfect rustic setting, that really needed little decoration...which worked out well because I had to make most of the decorations right under my mom's nose, squirreled away in her guest room, up late at night, the week before the party...but hey, I wasn't stressin' LOL!  It all came together so much better than I hoped...

Here's the happy couple entering the party.

My mom gave me a copy of their original wedding photo a few years back, and that's where I drew my inspiration from...weren't they the cutest newlyweds?!?  I designed the invitations in Gimp, printed them out on cardstock and mounted them on some pretty My Minds Eye Paper.

The banner looked great hanging from 
this gorgeous fireplace mantel.

My hubs, AKA Mr. Glitta, even joined in and glittered these mason jar centerpieces for me...

We wanted to keep the kiddos entertained and these goody boxes did the trick.  The mini gumball machines from the dollar store were a big hit...I filled them with skittles since we don't do gum :)  They also had mustaches, little handmade notepads with a little crayon box and pinwheels, in gold of course!

The gift/card table...

 I looked around my parents' house for things to decorate the table with and came across this vintage camera...I believe it's my dad's from over 40 years ago.

I kept the gift book simple and elegant...yep, that's me in the baby carriage, chubby cheeks and all.

Mustache fun was had by all!

My big bro was in charge of the cakes...didn't he do a great job?

Guests went home with some of my brother's homemade cookies...they were delish!

My dad summed everything up when he said this party was the best. surprise. ever.  Exactly what I was going for...have you ever pulled off a surprise party?

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  1. That is so awesome!! Your parents look so happy and it was so sweet of you and your brother to do this for them. I know it was a lot of work but it looks beautiful.
    This story is a wonderful happy story and it made me cry a little bit. :)

    You're a good daughter.

  2. Hi Tricia, thank you for stopping by to read a little about my parents' story...they are so special to me and it was such a privilege to be able to show them how much :)

  3. Hi - We (my 5 b/s) pulled a surprise for my parents' 50th and boy were they shocked, especially my Mom (she ALWAYS knows what's going on). We are planning for their 60th next year. You (and your brother) did a fabulous job! Congrats to your parents.

  4. What a beautiful celebration. I really love the invitations that you designed.

  5. I'm so behind on my blog visits...ugh... I see your posts on FB and saw some of these photos, but this post is so special. Your folks' party looks amazing. I'm so happy you were able to pull this whole thing off for them. You're an amazing lady, Kimberly!!


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