Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Spaces ~ My Dirty Little Secret

Hey Polka Dot Fans!  Have you been enjoying the peaks inside my paper studio?  I sure am having fun re-doing it.  Now, I have to let you in on a little secret...there are still a couple of places in my room that I don't let anyone see...until now!  If you are like me, you love the PROCESS of creating but the clean up part...yeah, not so much :)  But, I am forcing myself to go over every nook and cranny and throw out or relocate stuff that just doesn't belong...too much stuff is kinda cramping my style.  So, I'm showing you a little before and after of one of my favorite storage pieces, this lovely distressed yellow hutch I picked up from the Cotton Exchange in Fayetteville, NC. 
Problem is, it became a dumping ground for whatever I didn't have a place for.  It's great for my ribbon and embellies, but somehow, old ink cartridges, paint brushes and other odds and ends found their way in. I love the glass containers, but the ribbon shoved in them just wasn't a good look :/
And the drawers, oh. my. word.

And the cabinet below...I can cram with the best of them, can't I?!?

So happy I finally made time to get this baby cleared out!
Here's my newly organized ribbon can read more about them here.  I put loose chipboard letters into glass jars and buckets, how do you store yours?
 In the drawers. right now I'm storing my sewing notions and some other embellies.
 The bottom is completely empty and I need your help!  What would you put here?
What's your favorite storage item in your craft space?
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  1. oh girlfriend... you have inspired me to get it together!! thanks for sharing this dirty little secret of yours, you have given me the motivation i need to get it done! i love the actual piece and it looks so pretty with all of your goodies in there now. go on girl, go ahead get down! :-)

  2. DANG... a whole EMPTY space.... ummmm BUY MORE STUFF... hahahha.. Just kidding. Love that piece, and love what you did with your ribbon on a stick!!


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