Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Spaces -- From the Kitchen to the Craft Room

Hey Polka Dotted peeps!  If you're visiting my blog for the 1st time, twice a month on Saturdays I take you behind the scenes of where we work our magic!  I usually share some aspect of my space on the 1st Saturday and feature another crafter later in the month.  I love getting inspiration for color, storage and organization from other artisans and I thought you might too!

Today, I want to show you how a piece of furniture you have in another room might work in your craft space too.  I had this narrow baker's rack in my kitchen before we moved.  It just wasn't working in the new space.  I needed a place to hold my Cricut and cartridges, so I dragged the rack in my studio.  There was just enough space for it between my vintage buffet and the wall.
Before my cartridges were separate from my's much easier to have them close together. 
  I've never had a dedicated spot for my Cricut so I could store and cut in the same place, now I can!  Those cute little "suitcases" you see hold my embellishment stash.  I bought the boxes for my very first craft fair display a few years back :) 
On the top shelf, for now, I display my party hats.  Seeing my pretties on display makes me smile :)
Do you have any fun furniture finds in your space?  Do tell!
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  1. Nice idea! As you know I am going through a major remodeling of my studio, and I can't wait to create in it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Karen! I love looking at the pics of your remodel, can't wait to see how it all turns out :)

  2. Another great space. I love how you display your creations in your studio. You have a very happy place to work!

  3. Love the Rack idea. I always look at those in Hobby Lobby and want to buy one, but never do. It is so cute with your party hats on top!!! You have such a Great space to work your magic in!!


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