Monday, May 13, 2013

Make it Monday - Best Gift Ever

I hope you lovelies enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!  My family made a weekend of it with a delicious tapas dinner on Saturday night, breakfast in bed on Sunday and a chance to spend the day relaxing and scrapping!  But, this post is not about what I made, but what my thoughtful 10-yr old created for one of my gifts.   Brought me to tears actually, then I laughed when I realized I took her to the store to buy the composition notebook for it. 
What I love most is the cover with her original art work layered over some fun scrapbook paper...she is one talented little chica!

She has a keen eye for details, I am digging this girl's intricate updo!
Here are some of the inside pages...she thinks I am quirky LOL!
She even created a little pocket; she knows I like having a place to tuck things into :).


I don't know how I got so lucky to have a thoughtful child like her! 
I'm still thinking about what I will use this journal for...maybe I'll write letters to the kids about me and my life for them to read later?  How would you use it?
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  1. Oh Kim. I would have cried too!! So sweet of your daughter to make you something so special. Love your idea of writing your thoughts for them to read later in!! Sweet hugs to you

    1. How did I get so lucky with a thoughtful girl like her?

  2. Tears for sure!!! You indeed have a thoughtful little lady and it's no wonder with a mommy like yourself! She has a great example of creativity and kindness. I would write notes for your family as well... what better way to share yourself with the ones you love most.

    Have a lovely day, friend...
    ~Donna K

    1. I am always amazed at what a sweet young lady she is; no thanks to me, it's all God's grace and mercy!


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