Friday, December 26, 2014

Handmade Holiday Fair Goodies

Happy day after Christmas!  I hope you enjoyed time with family and loved ones.  Here are some pics of the holiday goodies I sold at my 2 most recent fairs.  I got a lot of great ideas from Kerry's Papercrafts here and added some of my own items that sold pretty well.  I would say the most important  thing I learned is that it takes vending at the same fair a couple of times to get to know the customer base.  After the 2nd time, customers start to remember your brand and will look for your booth. I've also found over time that fair-goers typically go for the items priced $10 and below and they aren't really buying mini scrapbook albums anymore (at least in my neck of the woods).

Since the candy gifts went pretty quickly last year, I added more this time.  So much I decided on a separate display for them. This baker's rack I had did the trick.  I was even able to hang a couple of banners too.

These snowman-wrapped hershey bars are always popular.  Unfortunately the Etsy seller who created the wrapper no longer sells them, but I am sure you can find a similar wrapper online.

People scooped up these hershey nugget-wrapped gift tins for co-workers and teachers.

I tried something new by filling these altered coffee cups with hershey kisses (the peppermint-flavored ones are kinda addictive).  For a tutorial, see my guest post here.

Our elf even joined in the making fun.  I upcycled coffee cup sleeves and leftover scraps of burlaps to make the mini sleeves you see here.

For the gift card holders, I upcycled the front cover of a scrapbook paper pad and adhered it to a scalloped edge square cut with my Cricut.  The card slips into a pocket on the back.

People still buy bookmarks believe it or not!

I came up with these book clips and they were a big hit.

Customers left with their goodies packaged up in a festive polka dot bag and glittered clothespin, courtesy of my 5 yr old.  If there are any tutorials you'd like me to post, tell me in the comments.

What is your best fair tip?

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  1. With all of the holiday hub bub going on I wasn't able to get over here to read about your craft fair adventures...lucky I caught glimpses on FB but it's not the same as seeing and reading about how things went. Isn't it funny how things go at craft shows...I didn't have luck with my albums either and the candy sold like wild fire. Everything was set up so nicely and quite eye appealing...surely caught a lot of attention. I LOVED the bookmarks. There's something special about holding an actual book and using a special bookmark to hold your place. I hope 2015 brings you many good things my friend and LOTS of time in your creative space.

  2. wow,looks amazing! I always wanted to do something like this but I'm afraid! I would definitely have bought lots of your goodies-well organized and well put together!


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