Saturday, March 29, 2014

Missing Mommy!

Hey there Polka Dot Peeps...been away for a bit taking care of my family during a pretty tough time for sweet angel of a mom passed away a few weeks ago.  She was diagnosed with colon cancer nearly 3 years ago and was putting up a pretty good fight, but her heart just gave out.  I was able to be with her, hold her hand and tell her what an amazing mom she had been to me. My mom was, hands down, the most inspiring woman I've known...I leaned on her for advice on so many things in life, including crafting.  I remember talking with her about starting a craft business and she told me to go for it!  She was my biggest fan and I was hers.  Her legacy will live on in our memories, the smiles and laughter of her family and in every thing I create.

Looking forward to scrapping some pics of Mom that I came across at my parents' house and sharing them with you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Sorry for your loss but happy that you are willing to share your mom with us through your passion for paper crafting. Lovely picture of you rmom!


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